Frequently Asked Questions

Chaplaincy is for anyone. In a world where we have individualised a lot and become fragmented in our connections to community and family, it can be hard to find people to have those honest, deep and meaningful conversations with knowing that the other person really does support you. That’s the point of chaplaincy – support and a space with someone else to process life and work with your well-being in mind. See it as a confidential sanctuary in a fast paced and hectic world.
Media Chaplaincy New Zealand is a Christian organisation and our chaplains have a spirituality that is rooted in the Christian faith and worldview. Because of this they are sensitive to your spiritual well-being as well as your mental and emotional well-being. They have no agenda to convert you, it just means that there is a depth of conversation that can be had around spirituality alongside the rest of who you are if it’s appropriate for you.
You can expect to be listened to and heard. That may sound simple, but how often do you feel like you’re really being listened to on the issues of life that you truly want to talk about, and how often do you feel like the other person actually gets it?

Chaplaincy is not counseling, but we believe there’s something significant that happens when we’re really heard by another human being.

With that in mind you can expect some questions to give you space to talk and you can expect the chaplain to listen, to prompt and to explore the journey you’re on.

It’s our belief that you’ll walk away feeling like you’re not alone and that you may have even found some equilibrium.

Media Chaplaincy New Zealand comes under the governance of the NewsLeads Charitable Trust. The trust is an independent entity overseen by a board of trustees who are interested in the health and well-being of those who work in the news media. It was set up to offer personal and professional support to those who work in the industry.

Media Chaplaincy New Zealand is donor funded and offered as a free gift for those who choose to use the services provided.

The work of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand can be supported a number of ways.

1. Financially. Media Chaplaincy New Zealand is a donor funded organisation. To give financial support just head to the ‘Donate’ page.

2. Prayer. If prayer is a value in your life, then we would appreciate your supportive prayers.

3. Spread the word. The more people who know about us through positive word of mouth, the better.

NewsLeads is a database of people that journalists and news producers can contact for comment or advice on relevant stories.

Good comment for stories can be hard to come by and while we are not news experts, we are connected to a wide range of people, many of whom are experts in their field. We endeavour to make that network available to those in the news media that we have connections to.

The NewsLeads database is currently under construction so check back from time to time for updates on this.