Confidential support

Our central interest and service is in the area of personal well-being. To this end we extend support to anyone in the news industry who would benefit from a confidential listening ear and supportive voice. Get in touch to have a coffee with one of our chaplains.

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Trusted voices for your story

We’re not journalists or news experts, but we are connected and networked to a wide variety of people. Knowing how difficult it can sometimes be to get quality comment for stories, we provide a number of people you can connect with.

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For Your Organisation

More than ever, under new health and safety regulations, organisations are responsible for the holistic well-being of their staff. Media Chaplaincy New Zealand helps to meet that obligation by providing a free service solely dedicated to supporting news media personnel.

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Our chaplains are committed to seeking the well-being of those who work in the news media. They understand the stresses of the industry and are available to confidentially listen and chat with no agenda other than supporting you. They get it.

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